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43 Years Experience

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AV and 5 Star Rated*

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John T. Bachmayer, Esq
State Bar No. 75735

John T. Bachmayer has over three decades of handling contentious California Family Law and civil litigation matters. He has a proven track record of successfully negotiating settlements and favorable trial outcomes on behalf of clients. His concentration at the firm is on litigation of the full array of California family law matters at the temporary order and other pre-trial stages, through trial, and on appeal. His extensive background in areas of non-family law civil litigation provides the expertise necessary to undertake the representation of California family law clients who have ancillary civil matters, thus providing a full service, and often eliminating the need to retain separate legal counsel. Mr. Bachmayer is AV-rated by Martindale Hubbell.

Dissolution of Marriage
Child Custody and TimeShare
Legal Separation
Support, Child and Spousal
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Dissolution of Marriage
Child Custody and TimeShare
Support, Child and Spousal


Dissolution of Marriage​ ​
Pre/Post-Nuptial Agreements

Legal Separation

Post-Judgement Enforcement
Mediation / Settlement
Child Custody and TimeShare
Domestic Partnerships
Support, Child and Spousal
Approaches to Family Law
Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders
Property Division & Complex Property


I am the father of three boys (3, 2, and 1 years of age). I have had several firms represent me over the course of my arduous divorce and custody battle. I am forever grateful to John Bachmayer and his staff. Their knowledge, understanding of family law, composure, support, service, diligence, and commitment is and was INCREDIBLE. Thanks to this team I am able to properly care for and protect my 3 baby boys with sole legal and sole physical custody.

I HIGHLY recommend John Bachmayer to any one in need of a family attorney. He’s educated, experienced and his execution in the court room is stellar leaving you feeling confident that you just hired the right person. The complexity of my case could be an attorney’s nightmare but John embraced the intricacy and represented me with such tenacity. He is well versed in the laws and pays attention to the smallest details. It’s those little details that made my outcomes in court extremely successful. He continues to go the extra mile for me time and time again.



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